Preview Figma designs right inside your IDE

Inspect design components, properties, styles, colors, typography with a single click, without leaving your Code Editor. Gives frontend devs control over UI hand-off.

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Bring design and developers together where everything is built. In the Code Editor.

Inspect designs inside your IDE

With Design Preview plugin for Figma, Frontend devs can easily access all Figma UI components directly in their Code Editor without being forced to constantly switch to Figma. Have everything you need right inside your code.

Preview Figma designs with one click

  • Just copy/paste a Figma link to your code. See previews with just a click.
  • You can insert a design link anywhere in your code: comments, description, header, functions, variables.
  • The Plugin will automatically detect and show all clickable previews.

Simplify developer workflows

  • Export assets directly from your IDE into your project folder.
  • No more searching in Figma after last minute design changes.
  • Have all the styles and colors in one place.
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Comment on UI components directly from your Code Editor

Found something isn’t right with a UI component? Comment on it right from your IDE.

Request changes from your Code Editor. No need to switch context.

Give your team the best UI tool

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